My name is Bob Kristopher Noah Lee.  This is my adventures in Second Life. Posting the things I love and inspire me.

I am the owner of Adventures of a Bobabunny, Bobina Kristina, and Choiboi Decorates.

I take a lot of pride in my growth as an SL photographer and watching each of my blogs shape into it’s own individuality of style. I love to look through my back history and see how far I have come and to think of ways to get better.  I don’t ever stop self improving. I love to watch tutorials and to experiment with new styles and technique and to take that and mix it with my old techniques and make it my own.

I have a very low tolerance for elitism. I will not kiss your butt because you own whatever store you own and you have x amount of followers. I will congratulate you on your hard work, I will respect your hard work and admire it, but I will not see you as someone higher that deserves to look down on anyone.  So if you are looking for a blogger who is going to kiss your butt, I am not that person. There’s plenty of other sheep out there to do that.

I have under 1000 followers despite blogging for well over a year via flickr because I do no spam add people.  I have let my followers and fanbase happen very naturally and steadily, as well as my popularity.  And I do believe that a good quality blog with low follower count speaks more volume than one with a high quantity of people and terrible photos.


Why 3 blogs?
Honestly each of my blogs has taken on it’s own individuality and character. It let’s me practice a variety of photography styles and express my creativity that much more. When I combine them together it becomes a very confusing and over stimulating jumbled view. So having them separate gives them each their own way to shine and be their very best.

Do I do commissioned work?
I do but it depends on the work load I have for the month and how much time you would like to receive it. IT never hurts to ask and it’s rare for me to actually turn someone down unless I am behind.

How did I learn SL Photography and grow?
I started by learning how to edit photos on Photoshop Manually. How to use the different features, how to manipulate light and color with layers and brushes and layer styles.

When I got more comfortable with that, I began watching FOXCITY’s tutorials which are on youtube and amazing. They teach you about light, how to create your own lighting, how to make your own windlights, how to stage photos, etc..  If you watch each video and follow along with it in world, I guarantee you will see such a mass improvement and it’s all so easy to remember once you do it once.

Then I started playing NIK Collection which is a free download that installs right into photoshop and gives you more ways to customize your photos and have different effects and more lighting effects. So you can just enhance what you have already learned. From NIK Collection I started playing with Photoshop Actions which you can find an endless supply off on DeviantArt or by googling. A lot of which are free! And you can adjust those actions to enhance the photo that much more or change it completely.

Then I found the Facebook Group Photography Help, Tips, & Tricks SL Edition and learned even more! If you pay attention to the group and stay active in the group, you are going to see so much more improvement thanks to the challenges and tutorials and tips people post in there. It’s a wonderful group and I can’t recommend it enough to join.

From there I found the tutorials from Anya Ohmai who taught me about windlight layering and helped me perfect green screens.