Personal Update

As many of you know, This past few months have been very bad for me health wise. Especially April. I have spent almost the entire month in the hospital and had surgery a couple of weeks ago.

For months I have felt very sick and every time I went to my doctor, he told me “This is just your Multiple Sclerosis.” or “This is probably just a side effect of your medications.” Told to not worry and all of that.  Then he changed my meds several times on me and when I was still not feeling well, he decided that it was my stress levels causing my MS to act up more and that’s why so many issues. But I kept getting sicker.  No matter what I did.

A few weeks ago I had the worst pain in my stomach and around my ribs. I was in total misery. So I went to the emergency room and they did a scan to make sure my appendix wasn’t bursting and when they were doing that, they found a lump in my stomach that was smashing against my intestines. So they did an ultrasound and found this mass in it and saw it was actually pushing so hard against one spot that it was blocking everything. They did blood tests and other tests and found out that my stomach had a really large amount of stomach acid and bile. The lump ended up being from being stabbed in the stomach and my body somehow made a weird fatty/scar tissue mass. So they removed that and fixed what they needed to fix.

I still didn’t feel well. I actually started feeling worse. So my doctor did more blood tests and tested other things and they found out that my bile levels were worse. My doctor came in and felt around my ribs and my liver and found 3 smaller sized lumps around it. Which alarmed him mixed with what he found in my blood test. So they did another ultrasound, shoved a camera down my throat, an MRI, and all this other stuff and found out that I have bile duct cancer that’s spread into my liver and is in my blood stream.

So I have been diagnosed with Stage 3 bile duct cancer.  I don’t trust my doctors in Korea.. Something about both missing it completely for so long and not even bothering to test for anything beyond my MS, I want a second opinion! So I am now in Japan and will be going to see the doctor that has helped my friend the most with his cancer.

I do not know my treatment plans or what will be coming yet. Once I do know I will be updating again.

I am very sorry for the complete lack of posts this past month. I apologize ahead of time for the lack of posting that will be coming ahead of this. I don’t know what it means for my blogging and where I am going to be going with it. If I do post it’s not going to be very much..

So that being said, I understand 100% if any of my current sponsors need to let me go or if they would like me to leave until I am ready to come back. It’s up to everyone individually.  All I can say from my end is that I am going to do the best that I can when I can.

I really appreciate everyone who has been so amazingly patient with me. Especially my more recent stores that have not at all gotten me at my best.


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