Am I pretty?

Featuring amias Laurie gacha available at Cosmopolitan Event until May 5th and their beautiful skin Kiera in Ivory available at their mainstore.

Kiera is available in 3 tones: ivory, medium, and tan. I really adore amias and their skins. I am so picky when it comes to skins. I have been on SL for 4 years now and I have never settled on a skin I actually enjoy. Especially men’s skins. One month I went to tmd frustrated with every skin from one store being the same skin over and over with mild changes and how I had spent a ridiculous amount of money on them. Especially frustrated that they were the only high quality men’s skin that didn’t look weird or painted on or cartoonish or like i’m playing the SIMS. So I showed up at TMD to see what they had and to see if that one store’s new skin was actually different and when I was there I found amias’s skin Kian. Beautiful skin, similar to ones I had tried on at other stores but this one was like it took all the good qualities of those and made one beautiful perfect skin that was uniquely it’s own. Since then, I have always gone to amias first. If you havn’t been to amias or tried one of their skins, just top on over to their mainstore and give a demo a shot. Because you might end up loving them just as much as I do.

The Laurie set is earrings, necklace, and ring.  Each piece comes with color changing HUD for the jewels.  Available until May 5th at Cosmopolitan.

While you are at Cosmopolitan you can get your hands on VYC’s – The Natural Freckles Volume 2. I love these. I think freckles are so beautiful and a lot of time on SL they look like you splattered paint on yourself and they do not look good at all. But these are perfect. I have them on the Lelutka head. They are tintable so you can choose the color that fits your skin best and then I just adjusted the transparency to fit the skin tone even more and they are beautiful. I love them.

Recently FOXCITY released the SkinFX – Volume 1 and I love them. I look forward to seeing everything I can do with them. For this photo I am using Golden Girls.  You can pick them up for only 100L and I think that’s a pretty good price for even just checking them out for curiosity sake. But if you enjoy different projectors and lighting effects or have been interested in playing with them, they are a great bargain!

And speaking of FOXCITY the pose is their Made Up Bento Pose set. I am using the pose that is included in the fatpack and it includes the makeup brush and compact.

And finally the hair is TRUTH‘s March Group Gift Bewkie. Which I finally got to use after being gone all month and it’s so pretty.

am i pretty close up


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