The Watcher

Featuring S26 Poses – Deadline available now at Hangar Monthly Event

The S26 Deadline Pose includes the prop and 3 animations.

Outfit is :::Breath::: – Wicked Witch

Decor is:
[AD] – Grimwood Cemetary available this month at The Darkness Chamber
Sass – The Devils Tree & Pumpkin’s available this month at TWE12VE


The Club

Featuring my newest sponsor F.I.O.F.O!

From F.I.O.F.O:

Hayley Hair
The Hawt Dress available at Hashtag Event
Freakshow Mask in Black w/Gold
Bloody Tears Tattoo – Omega available for 5L and part of the October Hunt

Skin and Shape: Mr. Wolf – Amika
Tattoo: XO Tattoo – Damsel
Eyes: D Design – Webby Eyes available at TWE12VE Event
Nails: Dark Passion – Abscense of Color on the Astralia Stiletto Nails at The Black Fair

FOXCITY: Candy Cane Set #5
FUSSY X FOXCITY: Close Up Set #3
Quar Store – Layka Pose #4 available at The Chapter Four Event
Quar Store – Damian Poses #2 & #5

FOXCITY – Down the Rabbit Hole

In the Moonlight

Featuring Mr. Wolf’s Amika Skin and Shape. As well as items and makeup from The On9 Event.

From On9:

-Azul- – Calissa Dress in Onyx
(Kunglers) – Celine Ring in Crystal
alaskametro – Lady Venom Gacha Eyeshadow and Lipstick 3
Bee Designs – Halloween Silhouette Gacha #2 Rare


Sintiklia – Peony Hair available at Hairolgy
Dark Passion – Absence of Color on the Astralia Stiletto Nails available at The Black Fair
FOXCITY – Lolita Pose 3 at the Secret Hideout
Cazimi – Pumpkin Spice Eyes
XO Tattoo – Holy Kitten

I love all of it. All of it.

-Azul-‘s dress is adorable, (Kunglers) Celine Ring’s are all beautiful, fun, and funky. The lady venom set I can’t praise enough and might figure out a photo to show off all the lipsticks.  Sintiklia might be my new favorite hair company on SL. I went to Hairololgy and walked away with all 3. The different bang options and tinting options, they are a lot of fun and the tiny details of little hair whisps at the edge,  really well done! These nails are really fun. The solid black on top with different colors and stripe options underneath is a lot of fun, especially with the Astralia nails. I can’t wait to play with this FOXCITY pose set more! A lot of fun and sexy poses, I especially like the spanker that is included in the set.  Cazimi was my favorite find from Spoonful of Sugar. I can’t praise her enough for everything she creates. Whether it be really beautiful eyes or whimsy hair pieces that inspire great photos, I enjoy looking for everything she creates since. Then XO Tattoo’s, I said it in my last post, but I love her tattoo’s. Truly different tattoo’s on SL that aren’t like the same drawings just in different variations and spots lol. Her hand drawn additions and composition of the tattoo’s as a whole make them really amazing tattoo’s. Like Cazimi, I look forward to seeing what she creates next and how she far she grows.

And the Mr. Wolf Amika shape and skin…  I have been blogging for Mr. Wolf going on 3 months now and every time they release something new, it just gets better and better each time. They have grown so much in just 3 months that I can’t wait to see where they are in another 3 months or 6 or a year, and I am thankful to be blogging with them.  Amika is beautiful. I have it on the Tala head and I think both the skin and shape are gorgeous.

Here Kitty

Featuring my newest sponsor XO Tattoo’s – Horrorpoe and FOXCITY – Bad Kitty Bento poses available this month at The On9 Event.

Nails are Dark Passion’s – Nightmare Nails available at The Nightmare Event
Hair is [RA] – Holly Hair available now at Hairology
Skirt and Pasties are **Sexy Princess** – Spidey Skirt and Pasties available at Savoir Faire Event

Background is D.U.S.T.’s – Abandoned Room

XO Tattoo’s – Horrorpoe features an awesome hand drawn picture of Edgar Allan Poe drawn by the creator herself. I’m really excited to be blogging for XO Tattoo’s. Each of her tattoo’s are unique and each drawing is placed as if it were a true tattoo in RL and I can not wait to watch her grow  and show her great work!


Sometimes Multiple Sclerosis can be a real bitch…

Should be back a lot sooner than later. Hopefully.